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Gerudio helps organisations to outsource their IT requirements by matching them with a development house that will help them to reduce costs and maximise performance.
We also have a clear goal to spread the latest and greatest developments in IT education across the globe. We do this by partnering with cutting edge technology educators and implementing their programs into other schools, colleges or companies that have a need to upskill their students/staff or clients.
Streamlining access to global tech talent
Create and maintain quality partnerships to distribute tech skills internationally and offer a central platform of access via a global online meritocracy
Raman Nambiar CEO


Mr Raman Nambiar is Gerudio’s CEO and a member of the Company’s Board of Directors. As CEO he is responsible for managing growth and strategic direction. Mr Nambiar joined Gerudio as a co-founder in 2013- the year it was started as an

on-line aggregator of education providers.


Raman has a career spanning education, executive recruitment and technology in a wide variety of industries including hospitality, security, health & safety and business administration. He lives between Australia and the USA and is passionate about opening and expanding the access to technology education world-wide. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of South Australia.

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